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Sen tắm Grohe Grohe Euphoria Cube XXL 230 shower system

18,637,912 VNĐ

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Mã sản phẩm: GEC230

Hãng sản xuất: Germany

Danh mục: Sen tắm Grohe

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Grohe Euphoria Cube XXL 230 shower system

With its broad rain spray and powerful normal spray, this stunning shower system from the Grohe Euphoria Cube XXL range will wash away the tension and stress of your day.

Engineered with the Grohe TurboStat® technology, the shower valve instantly delivers the desired water temperature, keeping it constant throughout your shower. With the integrated SafeStop button, a temperature of 38°C will not be exceeded, protecting you and your children from scalding.

The AquaDimmer Eco function diverts the water flow smoothly between head and hand shower. The integrated Grohe EcoJoy® technology will reduce your water consumption while cutting your energy bills.

Finished with the hard-wearing Grohe StarLight® chrome coating, the fittings will always appear shiny and new, even after years of use. Thanks to the SpeedClean silicone nozzles, any limescale residue on the shower head can be wiped off easily.

*This product comes with a 5 year parts and labour manufacturer's guarantee.

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