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Sen tắm Grohe Grohe Grohtherm Cube Perfect shower set

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Mã sản phẩm: GCSET01

Hãng sản xuất: Germany

Danh mục: Sen tắm Grohe

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Grohe Grohtherm Cube Perfect shower set

Designer style meets showering luxury! With its generous 230mm rainshower head shower and Euphoria Cube shower handset, the Grohtherm Cube Perfect shower set delivers top performance and great value.

As the pipework is hidden in the wall, this concealed shower is perfect for anyone who loves a minimalist bathroom. It is also packed with Grohe’s cutting edge technology. In an instant TurboStat® delivers constant water at your desired temperature and DreamSpray® ensures the flow of water from every nozzle is perfectly even. It’s versatile, too, as the head shower has a soothing PureRain Spray while the hand shower offers a powerful and revitalising Normal Spray.

With handy silicone SpeedClean nozzles, it's quick and easy to keep both showers free from dirt and limescale. And our adjustable SafeStop feature prevents users – especially children – from scalding.

EcoJoy® technology cuts water usage by up to 40% without any drop in performance, helping you save money. The multi-layered coating of scratch resistant StarLight® chrome will give you a sparkle that lasts for years, especially as the Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface of the shower from getting hot.

*This product comes with a 5 year parts and labour manufacturer's guarantee.

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